Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NADA is a multinational brand and company

It is a project born in Finland in 2007.
I want NADA to behave and act on society like a big global brand.
The project already includes TV, radio and outdoors advertising campaigns
and also shops.
The word nada means nothing in Portuguese and Spanish. NADA brand sells nothing, but still offers whatever the clients say they need to be happy.
Somehow this project questions the public needs, brands power and commercial systems. But NADA is not against anything.
Peoples' different reactions to this project are part of itself. The public immediately finds out this is not a normal brand and have very different
opinions. Everyone is invited to participate on this artwork, as part of society.

Instead of the happiness given in traditional publicity this franshising company gives real life, pictures of a not fictional world. It fallows some of the marketing rules and denny others.
This project involves different medias such as Happening, Installation, Graphic Design, Video and Sound, Marketing, Publicity and so on. Besides
it involves documentation procedures, specially
inside the shop where film the public reaction.
I wrote a long essay about the project considering
philosophic and artistic background, composition
and intentions of NADA and I keep on going with my research.
Here you can see some documentation of NADA shop and some poster and tv adverts.Check more at :


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