Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In progress

For this workshop and this week I thought I can make some sort of "market study". You know, when brands and companies make questions to people about their products.
Maybe the main questions should be "tell us what can we sell to you that will make you happy?".

I just got permission to do it inside Kamppi Shopping Center.

Im very glad about it because I think this is the ideal place to put a needle on our conscience about consumption habits, people needs and market situations.

I havent write the questions yet, but I will upload them here as soon as I can.

Other part of this workshop will be to place at least one poster advert in a public place. I dont have so much money for prints but I will have at least one poster. I am thinking about ask M Bar to put it there. They usually allow and its very close to the shopping center.

Im also going back to Kammpi soon to ask for another permission: I want to put the tv adverts palying in on a TV of Anttila shop. By now it seems impossible but I will insist. Lets see with them...

I am looking for someone to join the project at least on Friday.

I need some help for the documentation of the action. I am planing to film and make pictures but I can not do it alone.

Tell me if you are up to it.

My phone number: 0451367236

Later on, just before Christmas I will have the opportunity to open NADA shop again, in the art gallery I am working. It will be for a few days but its a great moment.


Marco Casagrande said...

Good spot for NADA...and you have permission.
I hope you can recruit a bunch of people to assist your hit. Video and photos are something, the most important I guess will be the papers. The questions should be brilliant. Don't scare the people with documentation. People are more important than documentation.
Santa Clause will not like this.

Urban Acupuncture said...

True Marco, but I will try anyway to get some record of the action so I will be able to show what happened.

And I also dont want to scare people with questions. I do not know if I should make only one question.. 3 sound ok, 4 sounds to much.

Beside Anttila I went to the two other shops that sell tv in that shopping center. Waiting for replay form all of them. But to put the adverts is not my main goal. My main goal are peoples answer to the questions.